AWS Cloud Deployment

Having Troubles moving your software to the Cloud? We’re here to help!
Our engineers are skilled in Cloud Computing, especially AWS (Amazon Web Services)
We will have you deployed in a fast, maintainable and secure manner in no time at all.

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EC2 Instances

We will transfer or advise the transfer of your data in to a safe Cloud Environment through the usage of EC2 Instances that fit your needs.

IAM Managed

Access Management can be an issue, but our team will make sure that everything is properly maintained so that you don’t have to.

Improved Security

We understand that Security is one of the leading problems today, so that’s why our engineers will make sure that your systems are set tight behind Security Groups & Web Application Firewalls.


We will choose only the best! Everything from the performance levels to cost effectiveness in order for your environment to be fully optimized for your needs.


Have something specific in mind? Our team of engineers can make it come true as fast as you can dream it.


By making sure that everything is set up correctly and redundancy checks are in place we offer a more stable AWS Environment for our clients.


The Codrain Team is ready to become your reliable guide in to the eCommerce universe. Feel free to contact us.

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