ERP Solutions

By letting us handle your business through various techniques, we can make sure that pro-activity will never be a second thought ever again.

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Single Point of Operations

It is beneficial to have a dedicated system & team for all of those specific tasks you need done. We provide just that.

Scale Well

Are you already up and running to full capacity or are you just starting out? Not to worry, we cover both scenarios.

Core Automation

Let us advise and provide automation for your core business. Why do repetitive tasks when you can have them on auto pilot.

Integration Service

We can help you integrate everything with ease, no matter how hard or what type of complex task we are dealing with, our engineers get it done.

Resource Management

Let us help you manage your resources in a more effective and proficient manner. We will help you make the right choices.

Enhanced Flow

Our experts can evaluate how things are currently running and provide new alternative ways in how you should function, making you even more valuable on the market.


The Codrain Team is ready to become your reliable guide in to the eCommerce universe. Feel free to contact us.

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