Why Codrain Technolabs?

Codrain Technolabs is one of the leading forces in providing E-Commerce Solutions!

With expertise ranging for various major vendors in the industry such as Magento, Linode, DIgital Ocean & AWS we offer only the highest quality in our products!

Our highly experienced and heavily certified developers & engineers possess a perfect blend of technical skills to bring you only the most stable, optimized and secure solutions money can buy!

By keeping our clients happy and satisfied we ensure long standing relationships that are good for business, but beyond that, we forge friendships.

Why settle for less? Join us now and get your e-commerce dreams up and running.

Turn your ideas in to reality, with Codrain Technolabs!


We stay on top of our game with certifications and constant daily projects. Facing various difficult tasks and situations has given us a group of battle-hardened developers and engineers capable of tackling any problem!


Here at Codrain we make sure to stay out of our comfort zones! Each individual is constantly learning of new and better alternatives to tackle what would be difficult issues for others. This way we are ready to provide various services to fit our clients needs, no matter how different they are


We believe in what we do. Enabling our customers to have the product they deserve is what keeps us going. In the end we want our customers to leave feeling empowered, satisfied and ready for more!


Our Engineers & Developers work with technologies such as:

Magento, NodeJs, ReactJs, Yii, Angular, IOS, Android, AWS, etc...


We have gathered only the best web professionals

Amanda Swensson
Yagnesh Ponkiya
Magento Technical Analyst - Chief Executive Officer
Amanda Swensson
Piyush Sutariya
Solution Architect - Chief Technical Officer


Working with Codrain has been one the best experiences I’ve had so far with a development team. Everything was simple and easy.

John V.

what I feel the best thing of this journey was that I got left with both an amazing product and a bunch of new impressive connections

Catherine D.

I’ve been a long standing customer of Codrain even before they went public.. I’m feeling quiet jealous to share their resources now, but oh well. It was bound to happen some day. Good going guys!

Cory Z.

Highly professional! I’ve been impressed with the way they conduct business since day one and I haven’t been let down yet.

Carolina D.