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About NodeJS in Brief

NodeJS is much preferred platform for creating a faster real-time application. It is an open source platform with abundant features that can help you create amazing applications that suit the best to your business requirements irrespective of the size of your business. In fact, Node.js is meant for running on a dedicated HTTP server and the applications created with Node.js are usually event-based. Thus it is a kind of runtime environment whether to be used as frontend or backend.

Codrain is one-stop solution for Node.js web and mobile app development services be it a Node.js plug-in development or a module development. We have remained the first choice for our various clients belonging to different industry verticals primarily because of the tailored business solutions befitting to their business requirements be it a large size business enterprise application or a small business. The developers at Codrain are here to deliver high-end custom Node.js web and mobile app solutions that well-match your requirements.

The Reasons to Opt for Node.js web and mobile app development solutions:
• Node.js is an open source platform which facilitates you to create a powerful event-driven server side network application compatible to all the available devices.
• Node.js is an intuitive platform for IOT, Cloud Stacks, and real-time website applications.
• Node.js is significantly inevitable for the organizations where information and data sensitive applications are developed.
• It is a widely used and accepted platform with incredible increasing rate of growth and with 4 million + users of this platform.
• Node.js is the most preferred platform for the front-end and back-end developers to create cross-platform mobile and web applications.
• It works well with robots and micro-controllers in respect of the web apps and APIs.

Benefits of NodeJS

Multiple Benefits You Can Reap Once You Choose Node.Js Mobile And Web App Solutions by Codrain.
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    Rich Libraries

    Node.js is backed by a powerful and rich NPM library. In fact, NPM is a package manager for the JavaScript runtime environment Node.js which helps you in Node.js development projects by installing various packages and fixing the dependencies of the same.

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    Cost-effective Node.js Development Cycle

    The development cycle with Node.js is highly cost-effective as it needs less number of resources to deploy for even large size projects.

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    Easy and Speedier Development Process

    Node.js, being an intuitive platform, it needs comparatively less time to create a Node.js web and mobility solutions.

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    Scalable & Secure with Outstanding Productivity

    Node.js is reasonably scalable and secure platform and capable enough to do away with enterprise level application load.

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    Scalable & Secure with Outstanding Productivity

    Node.js, a JavaScript-based technology, with rich library packages, helps in creating the powerful front and back-end development solutions with speed and precision.

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    Events Broadcasting & Socket.IO

    Node.js is very comfortable with Events broadcasting and Socket.IO library.

Why Codrain

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    Multi-Featured Node.js Development

    The 10 year long journey has made it possible for us to work on different projects- either simple or challenging and it has groomed the team of the Node.js developers at Codrain all the way. Codrain is capable enough to integrate any challenging functionality or feature you wish to be in your web or mobile app.

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    Economic Development Process

    The well-planned and thought development process by the experienced team is always destined to result-oriented development solutions. Hence, there are fewer chances of the revision or repetition of the same process which makes each of the projects highly cost-effective.

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    Effective Customization

    Every business has its own methodology and processes to run the business and earn better ROI. Therefore, there would always be varied requirements of each business. We are here to match your every business expectation with our Node.js custom solutions and use of the advance technology and tools.

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