Application Performance Acceleration

We offer the type of knowledge that can boost your productivity by accelerating your applications!
Our Team can optimize whatever segments of your App that you need in order to make it run faster, more stable and a lot more secure.
Just gives us a rundown of your issues and we can get on it right away!

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Segment Acceleration

We can focus on specific segments of your application where you think there are issues and find ways to make it better than ever.

Overall Boosting

By having the liberty to view the application and all of its surrounding segments we can find multiple ways to make an overall boost of performance.

Code Optimization

Let us review your code. Our experienced engineers can find ingenious ways of making your Application a lot faster and more powerful.

Optimized Configuration

Did you know that configurations are an invaluable part of your Applications? We offer high quality changes which will boost your overall productivity.

Development Consultations

Aside from doing it ourselves, we can offer consultations for your team in order to make sure that they are holding everything up to best practice.

Build it Ourselves!

Let us build the entire thing ourselves. If you don’t want to be bothered with the entire process of development and just want the end product, just leave it to us.


The Codrain Team is ready to become your reliable guide in to the eCommerce universe. Feel free to contact us.

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