Magento Performance Optimization

Just because everything is running does not mean that it is running at full capacity. Our engineers know the ins and outs of all of Magentos components and if there is anyone who can make your product more powerful its us.

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Heavy Configuration

Through years of experience we are well aware of how things usually work and how they should work. We offer heavy customization on all of your configurations in order to squeeze out even more power.

Well Chosen Architecture

It’s not just about what you have but where you host it as well. Let us make sure that you are in the best hands.


We don’t have to be involved in your processes physically. By offering remote consultations, we can make sure that your Team gets everything right.


Upgrades are one of the best ways to stay optimized to the limit. Let us handle all of your upgrades in a best practice manner.

Additional Modules

Sometimes additional components are needed and you don’t even know it, but we do. Our Team of experienced Engineers will make sure that everything that is additionally needed will be installed properly to boost your business.

Manual Checkups

Aside from standard regulations we offer manual checkups from which we can deduce just exactly what your application needs!

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