Magento Technical Audit

If you found your site to be slow, poorly configured, lacks that additional power and is overall lagging behind the competition, we are here to help.

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Complete Overview

There are no specific components when it comes to an overview. Everything is up for a checkup. The only way to be completely sure that it all works perfectly.

Problematic Spots

With tons of experience and certifications under our belt, we can spot issues very easily. The faster you find them the faster we fix them.

Timely Fixes

Why wait for a fix, let us handle it immediately and have you happily on your way with a better overall application.

Extension Checkup

Did your Team implement a custom extension again and you might be afraid that it’s slowing you down. Not to worry, our team can check it up in no time and provide you with proper consultation.

Hosting Review

We have a fair amount of experience when it comes to hosting. It is very important where you host your application and we understand that perfectly.

Overall Rating

We offer a quartal of annual overall rating to our clients. As away to track their progress throughout the years with us.

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