Magento Upgrade

Running outdated applications are a full proof way of being inefficient and vulnerable.
We are here to help.

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Upgrade Consultations

When it comes to Magento, we know our stuff. Let us consult your team on best practices in order to have a smooth transition.

Custom Upgrades

Have a custom solution built for you? No problem! Our Certified Magento Engineers will have you get through anything.

Upgrade Management

Outsource your Upgrades to us. We will manage everything for you and your team.

Upgrade Life-Cycle

Let us develop a good documented Life-Cycle for your product. This way you will know exactly when you should upgrade and why you should do it.

Performance Evaluation

After an upgrade, it is always critical to know if everything went smoothly. We can monitor your application performance to show any inconsistencies before it is too late.

Upgrade Reverting

Let’s face it. Sometimes upgrades can get messy. No to worry, our team can make sure that in case of an issue you can get right back as you were.


The Codrain Team is ready to become your reliable guide in to the eCommerce universe. Feel free to contact us.

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